Welcome, I am happy you found my blog. I am a passionate dancer and life time ballet fan who also is the proud mom of 2 girls who happen to take after the same passion. Guess what, this blog will initially talk about ... tutus, yes that's right.

Oh ... before you read on and go exploring, please take my short poll on this page on your prefered kind of tutu. Hope to see you back soon.

Picture above obtained from
http://thedesigninspiration.com/photos/balletbird .

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Inspiring websites and blogs

Sewing and other resources
  • "Costumes by Karinska" by Toni Bentley
  • "How to dress Dancers" by Mary Kent Harrison
  • "The Costume Technician's Handbook" by Rosemary Ingham/ Liz Covey
  • "Le tutu" - petit guide by Martine Kahane and Delphine Pinasa
  • "Spotlight - Four centuries of ballet costume - a tribute to the Royal Ballet"

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  1. suzanne dieckmann15 March 2012 at 22:03

    Hi just saw my name! Thank you and thank you Dani Legge for mentioning me too...Loved reading how you searched for tutu patterns and what you found..thats exactly what I found out too! I had joined a sewing forum (2008)and discovered how many were searching high and low (with lots of $$$$) for McCalls tutu pattern and realized I actually had bought one back in the 80's...oh my! Had no idea that tutu patterns were so hard to find...I always assumed that everyone made their own like I did..Soooo this is how my tutu pattern business got started! I now make a bunch of patterns (from girls size 6 up to adults) PLUS Dani has really been inspirational with her amazing stretch tutus...so they are out there, and yup can email patterns/instructions.
    Glad to see all you other tutu lovers out there :)
    Suzanne Dieckmann, Tutus that Dance


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